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by Joel Spolsky
Thursday, December 13, 2001

Michael asks: "I'm interested in anyone's ideas on either good or bad interface issues that they've seen while buying things. Remember that I'm selling software, so order tracking and fulfillment don't really exist..."

I have really smart readers. Wow.

Google now has 20 years of Usenet online. You can entertain yourself with some scary stuff from my past.

  • my first post -- this was rather a difficult trick because Penn didn't officially allow undergrads to post to Usenet in those days (so I transferred out!) (April 1988)
  • my first Internet lecture -- more than a decade before Joel on Software I had things to say. Not very interesting things though. (August 1988)
  • my first contribution to Open Source (September 1988)
  • my first software released under GPL (November 1988) -- now the Slashdot kiddies have to shut up; I was writing GPLed software before they were born, bwa ha ha!
  • I was writing Macintosh code way back then, too. (August 1993)
  • First post from New York (September 1994)

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