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by Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, April 12, 2000

I'm in Silicon Valley now, doing some consulting work. What a strange place. The hotel room has a T1 connection to the Internet (which worked perfectly). It's the first hotel I've ever stayed in where you don't have to unplug the bedside lamp to plug in your laptop: there's a power outlet right at the desk.

I overheard some paramedics eating lunch at the tacqueria who were talking about firewalls and web servers and getting their CNEs.

Straaaange place. The only way to get anywhere is to drive, so you seem to interact more with other peoples' cars, as opposed to other people. Every office is a construction site. Companies are either expanding rapidly or disappearing suddenly. If somebody invents an inflatable, discardable office building they will make a fortune.

Anyway. Chapter Three of my UI series is now online, in which I beg, nay, plead with you to think hard before asking users to make a choice.

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