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by Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, July 25, 2000

An Anonymous Response from inside Microsoft on my article criticizing Microsoft .NET (Microsoft Goes Bonkers).

It's not that Microsoft doesn't have any new products that they're calling .NET; it's that the concept .NET itself is just marketing blather designed to make it look like there's a grand vision at Microsoft, when all that you have is a handful of upgraded products. It's exactly like the last stupid substance-free campaign, when Microsoft was selling Windows DNA, as if that were a product or feature.

Remember that famous Dilbert cartoon, where a marketing guy is going crazy asking for features? "It has to have a 35 inch screen and fit in your pocket. It has to have a telepathic user interface and cure cancer." The trouble is, at Microsoft, these marketing guys are allowed to write white papers and pretend that the engineers are really working on that telepathic user interface they asked for.

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