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by Joel Spolsky
Thursday, August 31, 2000

How to look like you're wearing a $350 Prada T-Shirt for 1/10th the price

The trick is to buy Patagonia Capilene Silkweight T-Shirts in white or black. They look fantastic, they're the lightest, most comfortable thing I've ever worn, and you can sweat like crazy and nobody will know.

no, nobody paid me to say that. i just love these t-shirts.

Joel's Next Business

I'm sick of computers. I think my next venture will be a very tastefully decorated shop, lots of wood and bronze, that only sells mustard and mayonnaise.

It will be called "Smith, Smith, Smith, and Son: Purveyors of Fine Mustards and Mayonnaises Since 1804". We will have Lime-Basil Aioli, (which real foodies know does not involve limes), we will have all kinds of exciting imported mustards with lots of seeds and stuff, and it will be conveniently located on Newtown Lane in East Hampton, right next to the train station, so you can pick up some mustard for your smoked-chedder-and-pear-on-champagne-raisin-semolina-bread sandwich on the way to the country house.

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