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by Joel Spolsky
Thursday, October 12, 2000

Every once in a while some venture capitalist feels a need to give you some money. Usually it's because he has a nasty business idea and he needs to bribe people to play along for a while.

For example, when Drugstore.com started up, they offered everyone $10 worth of free stuff. I used my $10 on Mach 3 razor blades, which last forever in the closet and are small and easy to store.

Now UrbanFetch is going out of business, and they're dumping all their inventory at bargain basement prices. This time I bought about $70 worth of Mach 3 razor blades, which last forever in the closet and are easy to store.

The thing about Mach 3 razor blades is that they're quite expensive, and never on sale. But when you find a stupid venture capitalist trying to give you stuff, if you can get him to give you Mach 3 razor blades, that's basically as good as cash (in small quantities).

Razor blades. The currency of the New Economy.

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