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by Joel Spolsky
Sunday, April 22, 2001

Spring in New York City

It was a beautiful day; I went out with Jared, Ami, and Hagit and took some pictures in Central Park. See them here.

Debugging Tip

About half of our customers are in the US, and half outside. On my primary laptop, I finally decided to permanently set my regional settings to France to smoke out the last of the internationalization ("i18n") bugs in our applications. (For example, did you know that in France large numbers are written with spaces as the thousands separator? For example 1 000 000 is a million. And 3,14 is pi. And 4/1 is January fourth). Anyway, if you see email from me with dates in French, that's why!


Even web-based applications should be written to respond to locale settings. FogBUGZ shows you dates according to the web browser's settings, not the web server. If you set your computer's regional settings to Denmark, Google appears in Danish.

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