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by Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, October 17, 2001

The worst part about coding in Visual Basic is that people think you're not cool because your code doesn't have {'s and }'s. I can live with the shame if it means I'm more productive.

Working on CityDesk, Part 3

PS If you've applied for the CityDesk beta, and haven't heard back, that's because we're waiting to fix a bunch of known bugs before we release to the next group of beta testers. It will make your life much easier and we won't get the same feedback twice.

Discussion Board

I've implemented a few more small, invisible-seeming refinements. The big news is that if you include your email address in a posting, it won't be easily harvestable by spammers.

HyperDev is the developer playground for building full-stack web apps, fast.

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