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We're finally moving!

by Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This weekend, Fog Creek is finally moving into the big new office space we've been working on since last March. These things take FOREVER.

The new office will be:

  • twice as big as the old office
  • in a better neighborhood
  • costing about 5 times as much in rent
  • with higher quality finishes
  • 50% more aquarium
  • a private marble-lined shower
  • and adjustable-height desks (for developer ergonomics, of course).

Also, thanks to Jeff Atwood, it will have Rock Band.

Today, the company came down to tour the construction site and pick offices.

Haworth didn't come through for me... their moveable walls take so long to manufacture that we're literally going to have to move in without walls and doors, which will arrive about 6 weeks late.

The new kitchen:

I'll have more detailed pictures for you once we get moved in.

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