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FogBugz auf Deutsch

by Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thanks to Branimir, Stefan, and Michael, FogBugz 5.0.31 is now shipping, our first multi-lingual version, supporting English and German!

Rather than have a different edition of FogBugz, the default edition now just supports both languages. Each user can choose their own language, or, by default, we just look at your browser's language setting.

To ensure that every string is localizable, our developers translate everything to Pig Latin first before handing it off to the German translators.

We have sales and support set up in Munich (call +49 89 14338776 from 9AM to 5PM CEST), and we're set up to respond in German or English to email sent to customer-service at fogcreek.com.

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