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by Joel Spolsky
Monday, December 18, 2006

If you're using FogBugz and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, you'll want to check out the brand-spanking-new FogBugz for Visual Studio add-in.

It's an easy way to access FogBugz from a tool window inside the Visual Studio IDE.

In the long run, I think, FogBugz for Visual Studio will be available as a premium feature available for a small extra charge, but for the time being, since it's brand new, you can download it for free.

To make the FogBugz for Visual Studio add-in possible, we implemented a new FogBugz API, now in version 1.0. Because FogBugz has been shipping for a while without an API, we provide a couple of files you have to install on your FogBugz server to make the API work. As soon as FogBugz 6.0 comes out, the API will be built-in, and it will support a lot of additional functionality. This 1.0 version basically just gives you a way to get a list of open cases. If you're interested in developing add-ins for FogBugz or other tools that use the FogBugz API, please email Fog Creek customer service and let them know what kind of features you'd like to see.

Eclipse users: check out EclipseBugz. EclipseBugz was written before the API came out, so it uses RSS to track bugs.

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