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What's the Joel Reddit?

by Joel Spolsky
Monday, March 20, 2006

The new reddit site at joel.reddit.com is joel.reddit.coma place for you, my readers, to post links to sites and articles on the web that you found interesting.

In addition to posting and browsing links, you can vote them up or down. The newest links with the highest vote show up on the main "hot" page. There is also a "new" page which lists all the newly-posted links, and some other nifty features which I'm sure you'll discover soon enough.

What's the point?

The main idea is to share interesting links from around the Internet with other Joel on Software readers and with me. Anything is fair game... post whatever you want, but use your voting power to vote for things you found interesting (and vote down spam, duplicates, and boring things). If all goes well, a bunch of interesting stuff will float to the top.

Check out my thing!

Every day I get at least a half dozen emails of the form, "check out my thing!" with a URL for some startup or widget or interesting article that someone wrote. I love 'em but I don't always have time to read them and it's vanishingly unlikely that I will ever link to them, because that's not really what this site is all about. Well, the Joel reddit will solve this problem. If you wrote something interesting that you want to publicize, just put it up on the reddit. If it really is interesting, other people will vote it up and it will get noticed. If it isn't interesting, go work on making it more interesting and post it again.

OK, Stop Asking Question and post some interesting links!

Special thanks to Alexis, Steve, and all the kind folks at reddit.com for setting this up, and special thanks to Alexis for drawing "Blowhard Pundit Joel," with microphone and podium, to match their cool reddit alien mascot.

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