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by Joel Spolsky
Monday, July 14, 2003

New Stuff day!

Vault 1.1

SourceGear's new source code control system, Vault, is now shipping version 1.1 — the first source control system with FogBUGZ integration built in. Marc LaFleur writes: “After a few minutes I was impressed, after a few days I am in love with it.”

CityDesk 2.0 (Beta 2.0.7)

CityDesk 2.0 got one step closer to shipping; today we released the fourth version of the beta. For this beta release we've been doing a lot of work around the quality of generated HTML; our WYSIWYG editor is now whitespace-preserving and generates valid xhtml.

We decided to release two new versions of CityDesk this year: one now, and one at the end of the year. The 2.0 release is intended to be a "polishing" of 1.0. Our goal was to make CityDesk a much more satisfying product for our current users, people who are happy with 1.0 but could be made even happier with some key enhancements. We've fixed literally hundreds of bugs and annoyances. You may not have noticed many of the bugs, most are quite rare, but we have a compulsive need to fix all the little tiny broken things before we create major new areas of functionality.

At the end of the year we will release 3.0 which will have some major architectural enhancements. It will still be the same great CityDesk you've come to know and love, but it will include major new features designed to satisfy a much wider range of projects.

But the Playstation is Not Tax Deductible.

For the new office, I ordered a Pioneer PDP-4330HD high-definition, flat-screen plasma TV. I chose this unit because all the electronics and connections are in a separate box which can be 20' away from the display. The box has a VGA jack in the front so it's easy to plug in a laptop and project in 1024x768 mode.

Have you been wondering about Distributed Version Control? It has been a huge productivity boon for us, so I wrote Hg Init, a Mercurial tutorial—check it out!

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