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News 04 May

“And the best answer we could come up with was, let’s make the damn thing free, and get some VC somewhere to pay for it.”

Announcing the Stack Overflow Series A financing

Kathy Sierra’s talk at the Business of Software 2009 10 May

I’m a long-time Kathy Sierra fan. Her talk at the Business of Software 2009 was amazing, even though, in retrospect, I realize now that she had a slide making fun of Stack Overflow’s terrific new VC-backed business model. She even got the unicorn!

Watch the  whole talk here. The next Business of Software conference will be in Boston, October 4th-6th.

News 18 May

FogBugz 7.3 is a pretty huge release, despite the modest version number. It has a bunch of features that almost everyone will find useful on a daily basis.

  • The Case Event Edit Plugin now lets you edit cases (instead of just appending to them).
  • Bulk Reply, so you can respond to multiple emails with the same response. You can even flip through the outgoing responses and customize each one if you want.
  • Width of the case area is now resizable.
  • We now support IMAP (in addition to POP3) for incoming email
  • Project backlog editing (for scrum/agile shops) is now much faster.

What’s new in FogBugz 7.3?

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