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The MicroISV Show 02 Feb

Bob Walsh and Michael Lehman interviewed me for The MicroISV Show.

Customer service 19 Feb

“Now I was fuming. Squiggly lines were coming up out of my head. I was a half hour late to work and had to go to the locksmith for a third time. I was tempted just to give up on him. But I decided to give this loser one more chance.”

Seven steps to remarkable customer service

Chargebacks 23 Feb

A couple of days ago, tempting fate, I mentioned that our chargeback rate was 0%.

Some people speculated that I was rounding, and really meant, say, 0.45%.

Nope, I really meant zero. None.

As soon as I wrote this, some wise guy decided to dispute a charge.

Now, a long time ago, I wrote some custom software to screen-scrape our credit card processor's online information system, and reconciles the transactions it finds there with QuickBooks, where we do the rest of our bookkeeping.

So today, for the first time in the history of that app running, it finds a chargeback on the statement, and doesn't know what to do with it. So it stops and says, "Unrecognized entry: I don't know what account VISA CHARGEBACK should be posted to."

We had to modify the software.

And that's how I know we've never had a chargeback... until today!

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