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News 01 Apr

Today, the shocking conclusion of The Road To FogBugz.

News 09 Apr

As another of my continuing experiments in discussion groups, I've opened a job posting discussion group, where the theory is that quality is more important than quantity.

News 12 Apr

Eric J. Smith reminds me why having a great book about your product, by a great author, pays off in spades: “As I kept reading, I quickly realized that FogBugz could single-handedly manage my support requests, sales requests, bug tracking and project management for CodeSmith.”

News 14 Apr “Congress is about to do for junk faxes what they recently did for spam: Make it LEGAL as long as a qualified advertiser puts an "opt out" notice on the faxes!”

News 28 Apr

I have to give two speeches at CFUNITED, the ColdFusion technical conference coming up in Washington DC June 29th - July 1st. The first is a general keynote, in which I'll talk about Really Great Products and why the iPod is so doggone popular even though it's more expensive, and less capable, than a lot of other products that have failed in the marketplace. Also, as usual, there will be jokes, music, and pictures of Jennifer Aniston.

The second is entitled "Project Management the Joel on Software Way." I'll mostly be going over The Joel Test, but at the end I'll leave time for a demo of FogBugz 4.0.

Michael Smith, who is organizing CFUNITED, interviewed me.

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