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by Joel Spolsky
Saturday, November 03, 2001

Thoughts? Feedback? Suggestions? Please feel free to email me directly at .

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME to tell me about a new product, book, service that you hope I will mention on my website. I get three or four pitches every day from people promoting things that want free publicity, and all I do is add them to my spam filter.

Sadly, I probably can't respond, due to the huge volume of email that I receive every day, but I do try to read every message and very much appreciate your thoughts.

Want to tell me about a new product, website, an article you wrote, or an URL you think I would find interesting? Don't email me -- post it to the Joel Reddit (what's a reddit?).

Typos? Broken links? Grammatical issues? Don't bother telling me -- I've probably heard it already from someone else, and if I haven't fixed it yet, well, I probably don't plan to...!

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